Finally! A step by step system to find your purpose in life (without second-guessing) so you can live the life of your dreams doing the thing you love!!

Keep reading to discover the stunningly simple but highly effective method to change your life by locking onto your purpose.

Dear friend,

I knew I’d discovered something special when I wrote my book, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of” and it quickly became a bestseller inspiring readers around the world.

The book reveals how to unearth the instruction manual for your life hidden with you so that you can follow this map to create a life you love that you were born to live.

I’d always worried that I would never live a life I truly loved where I did work that fed my soul and made me want to jump out of bed each day.

When I discovered the Intuition Principle I was lost even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

I had chosen the wrong major in college, the wrong relationships, the wrong house, and spent three decades in the wrong career forcing myself to go to a job I hated every day.

It was painful living this way. Only, I thought it was “normal” and that this was the way adults were supposed to live.

Boy was I wrong!

When I discovered the Intuition Principle my life changed dramatically.

Now, I’m living my dream life...

  • I get up when I want, not when the alarm clock goes off.
  • I have plenty of time to meditate, journal, do yoga and take leisurely walks.
  • And because I’m so relaxed now my creativity and productivity has gone through the roof!

And the best part is I get to work from home writing and teaching others how to use the Intuition Principle in their lives so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did.
My belief that unhappy employees will never leave their soul-sucking jobs unless they allow their intuition to guide them to their true calling and Unique Moneymaking Proposition is changing lives and I want that for you too!

I’m sharing this to show you what’s possible for you too!

If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal career and lifestyle, what would it look like? Here are some ideas.

(It’s okay – indulge in the possibilities even if they seem too good to be true!)

  • Express your full range of gifts, talents and creativity every day doing what you know in your Soul YOU WERE BORN TO DO.
  • A LUCRATIVE CAREER that brings in all the money you need to live the lifestyle you dream of
  • Plenty of FREE TIME and money to travel, write, exercise, sing, dance, make art, meditate and play – whatever you want!
  • A FLEXIBLE LIFESTYLE that gives you more quality time with your family and friends
  • ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY that affords you the income for the self-care you deserve and allows you to give generously to others
  • JOY, HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT knowing you’re making a bigger, more meaningful impact with your gifts

“Sound amazing? How to know if you’re READY to find your true calling, career and Unique Moneymaking Proposition…”

Discovering the instruction manual within and the map to follow based on these instructions is the most powerful and exciting way to live your life and do what you were born for.

In fact, you’ve probably been thinking about doing this for some time, and now you’re hungry for change.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You feel there’s more to life and are BORED, FRUSTRATED and limited by your present career
  • You’re TIRED of playing small and holding back from expressing your true life-changing potential
  • You DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START when it comes to finding your true calling and then transitioning from your job into the life you love
  • You’re AFRAID it’s possible for others but not for you
  • You DON'T BELIEVE you can make a living doing what you love

It’s easy to feel like you’re trapped when you don’t know the way out.

How to express your calling through a career that liberates you to live a life you love...

I’ve taken this journey and learned from personal experience – it IS possible and easier than you might think when you have the right mentor.

If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Here’s how I made the leap…

Just a few years ago, I was stressed out working 7 days a week in financial sales on 100 percent commission.

Before the financial collapse my life was pretty good. The economy had been buzzing for the last ten years and so had my business. I was making a hefty income helping people make important financial decisions for their lives...

But then everything stopped dead in October of 2008. The phone stopped ringing. The only sound was the death rattle coming from Wall Street.

Without serving customers I had a lot of time to do a lot of thinking. I realized that while I enjoyed helping people make sound financial decisions I hadn’t enjoyed “selling” at all. In fact when the economy was roaring former clients kept referring new clients to me I hadn’t done any selling at all.

But now, in the “new” economy my employer kept pushing me to “sell, sell, sell!” and “make my numbers.” And I hated it so much that I stopped going into the office so I wouldn’t feel the pressure as greatly.

But what could I do instead?

I applied for dozens and dozens of full time jobs in journalism, communications, marketing and public relations but no one would hire me because the bulk of my experience was in finance.

Eventually I landed freelance writing jobs for newspapers and magazines but that wasn’t enough to pay the bills so...

I took a job in a bank just for the steady paycheck – I was that desperate!

Later I quit the bank and went back to commission sales again so I could work from home but due to the economy the money just wasn’t there. This was really scary for me. I’d always been successful and able to support myself very comfortably.

But now the walls were closing in on me.

I limped along like this feeling afraid of losing my job because I wasn’t meeting my numbers and so stressed out about my future and constantly hoping and praying the economy would turn around.

The following year I lost my father and on top of all the work pressure plus writing deadlines, I now had to take care of my elderly mother.

I honestly thought I would collapse from all the pressure I was under. Until finally it was just too much to be running back and forth taking my mother to all her appointments, doctors and shopping and I decided to sell my house and move in to make it easier on both of us.

Sinking so low as to sell my home so I wouldn’t go broke was a LOUD wake up call.

I realized I couldn’t keep up my high-pressure lifestyle… and when I lost my father I saw how fleeting and precious every moment of life is. One day you’re here and gone the next and so is the possibility of getting another chance to make your dreams come true.

“I didn’t want to waste ANY more time doing something that didn’t make me happy.”

After my father died I quit freelance writing and started my website: Powered by I just didn’t have the time and energy to do it all once I was taking care of my mother and working full time. Besides, the meager fees I earned per article weren’t worth the stress of meeting the deadlines.

The big “A-HA” that changed my life forever came when I contributed an article to another author’s book and realized that I’d laid out an entire outline for a book about how to turn our lives around and find the career and life we love by unearthing our Unique Moneymaking Proposition after we messed it all up by ignoring our intuition for years.

I became so inspired and fired up about this idea that I literally wrote most of the book in one week! It took me six more months to finish and edit it but when it published in January of 2012 I knew it was something special and that my life wouldn’t be the same ever again.

Honestly, I felt as if I had given birth and with this new life I was given a second chance too. The book contained the entire roadmap to creating a life you love around doing what you were born to do by learning how to listen to your intuition.

Sweet relief flowed through me and I stopped worrying about finding another job. I had connected to my calling and I knew what I had to do was spread the message of this book to help people connect to their own intuition in order to go from calling to a career that mattered.

This new way of living was unfamiliar and scary…but liberating. I knew there was a more fulfilling, happier, healthier life waiting for me as long as I kept following the Intuition Principle.

“Deep inside I knew I was meant for something more and that I had a message to share that would help people from all over the world…”

After that I took courses and learned how to attract readers for my books andarticles and began creating products of my own. The online world was a whole new possibility for my life and career. My book became a bestseller and my articles attracted 1000s of readers to my website.

I saw that it was truly possible to start my own business teaching the importance of listening to their intuition to find their own right path, purpose and prosperity in life. My fears subsided and my passion for life and my future returned. I knew this was the right path for me. I was so excited about helping people find their way and making a living with my gifts.

And my life just kept getting better...

I began attracting clients like crazy for private sessions, wrote six more books, created two meditation albums and taught an abundance seminar all while working full time and publishing articles and a weekly newsletter. And the more I worked on my business the better it became. After that I signed up for several intensive training programs to learn all about the business of marketing online and worked with two mentors who helped me fine tune my skills. All of this cost way more than I was earning from my online business but I knew if I wanted to create a prosperous business I would have to invest in my education. And it began paying off right away and I was finally able to give notice at my job! My subscribers more than doubled in 60 days and so did my income and then it was just up, up, up from there.

I knew my success was the direct result of finding my life purpose…

When I became clear on what I was meant to do I began attracting the most incredible support, teachers and clients…..clients who needed my help to change their lives by finding their purpose and zeroing in on what they were meant to do too. Before I was clear nothing changed and my life and business were stuck.

Finding your passion leads to your purpose which is the first thing you must have in place in order to build a life you dream of. Miss locking onto one or the other and you'll meet with frustration as you continue overlooking your Unique Moneymaking Proposition.  

Ultimately without clarity around your purpose you don’t have a “destination.” And without a destination you ramble on the road of life but you never get “there.” Having a destination means your journey is purposeful. You are focused and clear about where you want to go and how you'll implement your Unique Moneymaking Proposition. And with that comes the true success you crave in life and in business!

I love seeing my clients light up when they finally “get” their purpose…

After working with clients one on one I realized I was using a reliable, repeatable 5 step “system” to help them find their purpose that came from my book, The Intuition Principle and the meditations I created from it.  I named it "VaVIMM," an acronym based on the title of each of the steps. It was then I realized that I could use this system to serve many clients at one time.

Discovering that I could offer a complete program to help a number of clients all at the same time made me so happy. Now they wouldn’t have to wait to find their purpose and to start creating a life around it! I could offer this program to a select group of students eager to find the way out of jobs they could no longer stand and transform their lives as soon as possible.

The strategies I teach are the same ones I used that helped me finally “know” my true purpose and identify my Unique Moneymaking Proposition from the depths of my Soul. These same strategies were responsible for my taking action to grow my business like I hadn’t before and for overcoming my fears about being authentically me, the person who I was meant to be which led me to generate amazing results.

With my guidance students go deep within to unearth their long hidden purpose; the purpose they were born to live and it changes them from the inside out. Knowing this reveals their Unique Moneymaking Proposition and releases so much pent up energy that suddenly they’re on fire and nothing can hold them back from going for the “gold” of their dreams.

Students go from apathetic to driven and stop wasting time on the pursuits that frustrated them and got them nowhere in the past. Now they “know” without a shadow of doubt what they want out of life and nothing distracts or deters them from going for it!

So if you’re unsure about your purpose or have an inkling or even if you know but want a clear roadmap to “get there” my system will show you the way, so you get started on the right path that you were meant to follow – the path your Soul is crying out to you to find.

If you’re ready to start the most amazing, transformational journey of your life to find the authentic you, the life you born to live, and the business you were born to have then I invite you to join…

The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper

Here are the outcomes you’ll celebrate after completing The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper….

  • You honor your intuition and have the CLARITY you need about your life purpose to take your calling and turn it into your lucrative career
  • You are walking on air because you’re using all the greatness that you always knew you were meant for to REACH YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL
  • You feel a SURGE OF EXCITEMENT because you finally feel whole and able to apply all your gifts and talents doing something you love
  • You’re CONFIDENT and clear describing your life purpose and where you’re headed
  • You finally have the words to powerfully express YOUR PURPOSE so the people in your life respect, support and honor your mission
  • Your MISSION IS CLEAR – and speaks to you from your Soul and you cannot wait to begin!
  • You feel guided and know exactly where you’re going to make your dreams a reality and your enthusiasm is inspiring and MAGNETIC TO OTHERS
  • You now have a clear VISION AND DESTINATION and the step by step blueprint to implement your Unique Moneymaking Proposition and the map to get to the life you dream of.
  • You’re READY to stop procrastinating and STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY armed with the confidence that resonates down to your Soul that this is the right path for you.

What to expect

Here's how past clients benefited from our work together...

“Not only did Angela give me that kick in the pants, “Yes, you’re on your path,” she also had some great practical advice for the unfolding of the path.  Talking with her is like brainstorming on steroids.  I got off the phone fired up and full of ideas.”

--A. Waggener

"Angela confirmed my interest to work in healing and emotional freedom techniques …. I left knowing that I was on the right path and that I had found a great coach. I highly recommend Angela to anyone seeking an intuitive/spiritual coach. She knows her stuff and really cares about you as a client."

--S. Smith

"I participated in Angela's course [Discover Your Purpose & Prosper] to improve my intuition, which I could do with the teachings of this course. I want to thank Angela for her support and interest, as she understood my needs and requirements very well and reacted upon them with empathy, wisdom and sincere interest to solve the issues, which had stopped me in the past from using my intuition. I can say that it was the right decision to do this course at this time."

--A.W. from Germany

“The homework that Angela gave prior to coaching has already given me more clarity on what I want to convey in my own healing modality. During sessions, she gave me lots of space to verbalize what I want, while adding her own insights to clarify my thinking process. She gave clear conclusions with lots of practical doable steps that kept me busy with excitement for many days after each session! “

--B. Hands.

“I kept going back and forth, second guessing myself. Angela was immediately able to clear all the clutter and see what I really wanted and needed to do to move forward. She cleared the blocks I had put in place and allowed me to make giant steps forward in a really short amount of time.

I went from not knowing what to do, to knowing exactly where to go. Within an hour I had a new program, the name for my next program, the fee structure, and ideas to fill it for months, the list goes on and on.”

--K. Goode

“….To be more precise, I was wanting to start my own business, but lacked two things (1) my unique selling proposition and (2) how to integrate my passions.

What made this conversation so valuable is that Angela was able to bridge the pieces I couldn't see and in essence gave me the vision I needed to move forward.  …What I'm moving toward now and I feel I'm on the right path, is journeying towards what I'd love to be doing for my career.”

-- A. Mahoney

These results are totally possible for you…

TRUST your intuition and honor that nudge from your Soul and commit to making it REAL this time. Your amazing life journey on the path you were meant to follow starts by getting the right guidance and giving yourself the support you need.

Here are the 8 proven lessons you’ll learn in
The Intuition Principle System
to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper. 

Pre-Course Training
Open Your Intuitive Channels to Receive Guidance & Inspiration

  • Learn this easy method for accessing your intuition that helps you CREATE THE RIGHT DECISIONS for your life time and time again
  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what intuition is, why you have it and how using the Intuition Principle can direct you in your life so you are always traveling the right road
  • Discover your base INTUITIVE SKILL LEVEL
  • Easy listening: Recorded lesson for How to MEDITATE DEEPLY on your own

Lesson 1
How to Develop Your Intuition

  • Acquire the skills you need to DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION to get the answers you need whenever you need them.
  • Learn the crucial element you must have to CREATE THE FUTURE YOUR DESIRE so you waste no time in choosing the most BENEFICIAL STEPS TO GET YOU THERE
  • Get your mind primed for receiving intuitive guidance by learning to STOP THINKING, and relaxing deeply so your intuitive work is effective and accurate
  • Learn the five pillars of accessing your intuition and why you only need to incorporate two into your skill set to become an INTUITIVE SUPERSTAR and help yourself and others.

Lesson 2
Tune into Your Authentic Self

  • MEET YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. The You that you were always meant to be who is living the life you were meant to live
  • Learn the 5 most important values you need to BUILD A LIFE BY DESIGN (and not by default) to drive your life in the direction of your dreams each and every day.
  • How to DIALOGUE WITH YOUR FUTURE SELF for guidance and inspiration so that you send out vibrations to the future that act as “homing pigeons” for your desires
  • Discover the POWER OF "VISIONING" and how to use it to dream even bigger than you ever imagined plus learn the 8 MAGIC WORDS that fuel this process to ensure you’re always living out your belief that there “has to be more to life

Lesson 3
Identify Your Passion & Purpose

  • Discover the TECHNIQUE FOR ATTRACTING YOUR DESIRES RIGHT TO YOU and how to raise your vibration to become an exact match for what you dream of
  • Program your mind to see the 4 WAYS YOU HAVE RECIEVED INTUITIVE GUIDANCE in the past and anchor these memories so that you recognize them and use them to your advantage going forward
  • Take this EASY-TO-USE QUIZ that help you clearly and confidently identify your passion and purpose
  • Pinpoint and lock onto your UNIQUE MONEYMAKING PROPOSITION which has been patiently waiting inside you to discover your whole life.

Lesson 4
Remembering Your Life Mission & See Your Blueprint

  • Discover the healing power of tapping into YOUR LIFE MISSION and learning the reason why you have gone through all the struggles you’ve faced in life up to this point.
  • See the BLUEPRINT OF YOUR LIFE that shows you what you are here to do and be in your life so that you can confidently take action now.
  • Build the foundation for YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROADMAP that will guide you to to implement your Unique Moneymaking Proposition and live up to your full potential and the life you dream of.
  • GET OVER YOUR FEARS of owning your power and finally stop hiding from your destiny by stepping onto the path you were meant to take as you create it step by step.

Lesson 5
Meet and Connect to Your Guides, Higher Self & Universal Intelligence

  • Learn how to easily CONNECT TO YOUR GUIDES, your higher self and Greater Intelligence and channel the wisdom of the Universe as you need it.
  • Create a ritual that “warms” up your intuition and so the answers and GUIDANCE YOU SEEK flows easily and effortlessly through to you.
  • Discover an alternate reality where you can PROJECT YOUR CONSCIOUS in order to decide ahead of time whether an opportunity enhances your life or not.
  • Tap into the power of inspiration by using a technique that BYPASSES THE CONSCIOUS MIND to go deep and mine your intuition.

Lesson 6
How to Ask For Guidance

  • Learn the STEP-BY-STEP formula for what to do to so that you program your intuition to automatically provide the answers you seek during meditation upon demand.
  • Use your internal GPS to RAPIDLY DEVELOP THE PLAN that you will follow to create the new life and career over the coming months.
  • How to CARE FOR AND FEED YOUR NEW INTUITIVE SOUL with these four practices so that the transformation you’ve gone through really sticks this time around.
  • Get the COMPLETE TEMPLATE you need to decide on your exact destination and what your next steps should be!
  • Feel CONFIDENT, PREPARED AND READY to use your intuition anytime anywhere with this easy technique.

Lesson 7
Answering the Complicated Questions in Life

  • Identify the exact strategy to BOOST YOUR FINANCES and go from your calling to the career that is exactly right for you.
  • Use this plug and play exercise to quickly see all the options available to you for living your purpose and expressing your INNATE GENIUS, gifts and talents.
  • Learn the technique for getting answers to the complicated questions in life that has been successfully used by 1000s to go from CONFUSION TO CLARITY.
  • Get clear on how to MAKE A PROPER DECISION using both intuition and logic with this exercise so that you make the right choices from now on.

Lesson 8
How to Ask for A Sign to Get the Answers You Need

  • Use this document to MAGNETICALLY bring the things you desire to have in your life right to you.
  • What to do to get DIRECT SIGNS from the Universe to guide you every day.
  • Put all the pieces together to FINALIZE THE ROADMAP to get from where you are now in your life to where you really want to be!
  • Learn to use a TWO MINUTE MORNING PRACTICE that invisibly creates the future you desire day by day without you lifting a finger (and this isn’t a meditation.)

Here’s how to participate in The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper

You get to learn the Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper in 9 convenient virtual training modules that you can access from anywhere in the world anytime, even from the comfort of your living room couch.

The downloadable audio classes, guided meditations and worksheets and easy-to-follow templates are available as downloads week by week. The first training module will be available to dive into as soon as you enroll.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll LOVE the value of this course, I’m giving you a no-risk opportunity to try out the full Intuition Principle System for one full year from your date of enrollment. During this time, if you follow all the recommended steps, listen to the live calls, every guided meditations, complete each of the written exercises, thoroughly complete your life blueprint, detailed roadmap and milestone mission statement correctly according to the TIP system, and you do not get the clarity and detailed plan to transition into the life you dream of valuable, you may request a full refund. To be clear, you have years to access the virtual training modules once you enroll so you can work with them at your own pace even after the course finishes – but you’ll only be eligible for a refund within the first year as long as you fully implement the system. There are no refunds if you do not do and fully implement the program.

I’ve included these implementation support systems as BONUSES when you enroll now:

Special Bonus #1 ($700 value)

Participate in the “Finish & Fly” Virtual Retreat

You get Full Access to the “Finish & Fly” virtual retreat where you’ll receive accountability, masterminding and feedback to fully implement the Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper to finally get your New Life Blueprint & Roadmap and Milestone Mission Statement DONE. So – when you have finished you’ll be ready to fly!
Retreats are hosted virtually so you can easily attend from your home or office. To stop procrastination, you really need focused time, a clear system, and committed, like-minded collaborators to inspire you and keep you accountable. Plus you’ll get group coaching and Q&A calls throughout the virtual retreat.

Special Bonus #2 ($2700)

Ongoing Support with the Weekly Coaching


Enjoy access to our weekly group coaching calls where you’ll get the chance to receive personalized feedback to make your transition from calling to career a reality!

Through live coaching with your classmates, you’ll learn even more as questions are answered that you might not have thought of from other participants — so you can avoid the most common mistakes and blind spots. You’ll also get access to TIP System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper exclusive Facebook Group – that’s filled with inspired individuals on the same journey to transform their lives in our community — to receive valuable feedback and networking over the next 90 days.

YOU will not be doing this alone. You have incredible support and encouragement to get the clarity you need for success from a group of like-minded individuals from all over the world that support you in your success.

Special Bonus #3 ($97)

“The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations”



The Inspirational Meditations from The Intuition Principle Book.

You’ll receive these guided meditations:

  • Meet & Connect to Your Guides
  • How to Develop Your Intuition
  • Get Answers from a Wise Being
  • Answering the Complicated Questions in Life
  • Identify Your Passion & Purpose
  • Remember Your Mission & See Your Life’s Blueprint
  • Meet the Authentic You that You Were Meant to Be
  • How to Ask for Guidance During Meditation
  • How to Ask for a Sign
  • Complete Lesson to Learn How to Meditate Deeply
  • Get Answers About Your Career & Finances
  • Exercise to Ask for a Direct Sign to Help You Make Important Decisions
Get Started Now

“Am I ready for this?
What if I don’t have a clue “yet?”

The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper is designed to help you discover and get clear on your purpose so that you will finally know for sure which direction to take and what steps to take to get to your destination.

You’ll also learn how to create the blueprint and roadmap to get you there that contain your step by step directions so you won’t go in circles this time

Your desire and commitment to getting clear are all you need to be ready. If you spend time waiting to “get clear” you may end up like so many people I see that are still spinning their wheels and frustrated by not living their purpose and dream life.  Clarity comes through doing the work in the modules and receiving mentoring and feedback from the TIP community.

“What if I’m too busy?”

The most important thing you need to know is, The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper is going to SAVE YOU TIME by giving you the quickest proven path to the in depth roadmap you need to finally change your life. No more wasting time and money with one thing here and one thing there that doesn’t work – it’s COSTING you way more in lost time spent NOT living the life you love to try to go from your calling to your career without this system.

My goal is to help make your life EASIER – you don’t have to struggle alone, making costly mistakes by guessing and “winging it” without mentoring and a proven system to follow.

Plus, let’s face it: the fact that you’re too busy is a SIGN you need to start focusing on living the life you love where you have flexibility and control over your time. It’s a sign you’re ready to leave the rat race and get off that hamster wheel once and for all. If you don’t make the commitment to transform your life, you’re going to stay stuck in same vicious cycle. Things aren’t going to get magically less-busy if you keep doing the same things.

Now is your chance to start doing something different so you have more flexibility, freedom (and the prosperity that follows) in your life.

“What if I can’t make the live coaching calls?”

You never need to worry. All the live calls will be recorded and you will have access to the replay forever. If you have a question and cannot be on the call all you need to do is send it in ahead of time and it will be answered so you can listen to the recording and hear your answer.

“What if I’m not computer savvy?
Will this work for me?”

Join the club! Most committed students don’t claim to be computer savvy.
All you need to be able to do to access the live training is to dial in on your phone or click a link in an email to listen via the web. To access your lessons all you have to do is turn on your computer to download the files – presto you’re on your way!

“Can’t I just figure this out on my own?”

Some people can read my book and articles and figure out the formula I teach without investing in my program but it will take them much longer than taking this course to do it on their own.
The truth is most people read plenty of books on how to do the things they want but they never implement them. That’s why they just keep buying book after book. When you keep reading and never “doing” what ends up happening is you get stuck. You end up frustrated and disappointed because nothing has changed in your life.
The answer is implementing what you read.
And, in this program that’s exactly what you’ll do week by week until the end when you have your golden ticket to the journey of your new life in hand.
Whether you choose to work with me or someone else, I highly recommend you get mentoring to create the life you dream of.

“What will I get out of TIP to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper?”

This course will help you create a highly detailed blueprint for the life you dream of living and the roadmap with the exact directions to get you there. Once completed your blueprint becomes a powerful homing beacon that draws to you everything you listed in your life blueprint.

You’ll come away with a clear knowing from your head to your heart to your Soul of what you were put on this earth to do. Your life blueprint and roadmap will be finalized in your “Finish & Fly” virtual retreat where you’ll have access to support and laser coaching to answer all of your questions. You’ll also have outlines for both the Life Blueprint and Roadmap and Milestone Mission Statement to use throughout the course.

This course is going to help you get clear on what your purpose is so that you can finally live it instead of just dream about it.

It’s time to take action NOW – the life your Soul longs to live is waiting for you…
Get ready to celebrate a rush of steady focused energy and enthusiasm as you become clear and motivated to work the plan you create…

Whether you’re working in a 9 to 5 job you’re tired of, or you’ve just been wanting to live up to your full potential, this investment will come back to you many times over and will continue to pay off for years to come.

I’m in this to help you get results. I don’t want this to be a program you sign up for and don’t use.

Let’s turn your purpose into a whole new exciting life, so you can jump out of bed each morning and say, “I love my life.” The world is waiting for you, and NOW is the time to take action.

Here’s what you get with
The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper.…

Complete Virtual Course with 9 training modules $2000
The “Finish & Fly” Virtual Retreat with coaching $700
3-Months of Coaching Support in TIP: DYP&P $2700
The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations $97
Total Value = $5.497
Best Value for this enrollment period!
Get Started Now

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll LOVE the value of this course, I’m giving you a no-risk opportunity to try out the full Intuition Principle System for one full year from your date of enrollment. During this time, if you follow all the recommended steps, listen to the live calls, every guided meditations, complete each of the written exercises, thoroughly complete your life blueprint, detailed roadmap and milestone mission statement correctly according to the TIP system, and you do not get the clarity and detailed plan to transition into the life you dream of valuable, you may request a full refund. To be clear, you have years to access the virtual training modules once you enroll so you can work with them at your own pace even after the course finishes – but you’ll only be eligible for a refund within the first year as long as you fully implement the system. There are no refunds if you do not do and fully implement the program.

~ No-Risk Reservation Form ~

“Yes, Angela! I’m ready to transform my life in less time with The Intuition Principle System to Discover Your Purpose & Prosper!”

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  • Access to The Intuition Principle System: From Purpose to Prosperity 9 virtual training modules I can access for as long as I want. ($2000 value)
  • BONUS #1: Access to the “Finish & Fly!” virtual retreat where I get group coaching, accountability, and masterminding. ($700 value)
  • BONUS #2: 3-month membership in the TIP: DYP&P Club where I get access to group coaching calls for personalized feedback on my marketing. ($2700 value)
  • BONUS #3: The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations($97 value)

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“When the student is ready… the teacher appears!”

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I hope you’ll give yourself this important life altering resource – an essential program for your future success.

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Angela Artemis
Your Soul Purpose Prosperity Coach